Pritesh Mahajan
Pritesh Mahajan

Pritesh Mahajan wasn’t just a usual business person; he was a big dreamer and a go-getter with a plan to change things up.


He had some hiccups with his startups, but for Pritesh, those were just temporary setbacks. Failures weren’t roadblocks; they were like stepping stones to something even better.


Pritesh studied mechanical engineering at the University of Pune and had a soft spot for anything with wheels and engines. Little did he know that his love for cars and bikes would lead to something amazing.


In Nashik, where his dreams turned into reality, Pritesh and his friends started a journey to fix a big problem: accidents caused by overloaded two-wheelers. It was a common issue in India.


But Pritesh didn’t just see a problem; he saw a chance to do something great. That’s how Revamp Moto began. Their goal? Create electric bikes that weren’t just for traveling but would make life easier for micro-entrepreneurs who carried heavy loads on their bikes.


It wasn’t just a lightbulb moment; it was a whole revolution. Revamp Moto wasn’t just a company; it was a movement. Their mission was crystal clear – give heroes like small business owners the power to carry more without risking accidents on overloaded bikes.


Their story took an unexpected turn when Revamp Moto appeared on Shark Tank India. Big-shot investors poured in a million dollars, turning Pritesh’s dream into a reality check that dreams do come true.


Revamp Moto wasn’t satisfied with the usual stuff. They weren’t just making bikes; they were creating solutions. The RM Buddy and RM Mitra weren’t your everyday electric vehicles; they were superheroes on the streets. They had cool features like swappable batteries and smart technology to make life easier for daily riders.


Creating a tech team in a smaller city had its challenges, but Pritesh didn’t back down. Shark Tank didn’t just give them money; it opened doors for a team that believed in the plan, leaving their comfy jobs to join the Revamp Moto gang.


Pritesh wasn’t thinking small. It wasn’t just about selling bikes; it was about changing a million lives by 2025. Was it a big goal? Yes. Was it daring? Absolutely. But that’s what kept the Revamp Moto engine running.


So, the story of Pritesh Mahajan and Revamp Moto goes on. It’s not just about bikes and business; it’s about making life better for unsung heroes and turning dreams into reality on the electric streets of India. What’s next? Well, that’s an open road with endless possibilities.

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