Vinay Singhal’s startup journey is a rollercoaster of highs and lows, resilience, and the drive to make a difference. After graduating from SRM University in Chennai with a B.Tech in Computer Science, Vinay set out to change lives. In 2010, during his first year of college, he founded an NGO called, focusing on youth awareness through online and offline events.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to create ventures like FollowMe247 in 2012, aiming to bridge the communication gap between students and teachers. However, it was with WittyFeed, an internet media and content company co-founded with Shashank Vaishnav and Parveen Singhal, that Vinay found significant success. WittyFeed became one of the fastest-growing companies, attracting over 120 million unique users and 420 million website views.

In 2018, WittyFeed reached its peak but faced a sudden downfall when Facebook shut down their website in November. Overnight, the company that they had built for six years disappeared. Despite the shock, Vinay, along with his co-founders, didn’t give up.

In 2019, facing financial challenges, they launched, an Indian media company designed for various Indian dialects.

What sets STAGE apart is its focus on the diverse dialects of India, aiming to break language barriers and promote inclusivity. Vinay emphasizes that in India, beyond urban areas, people speak dialects, not languages. STAGE became the first Indian dialect-focused OTT platform, fostering local talent and creating opportunities for filmmakers in regions like Haryana.

Vinay’s dedication to STAGE’s mission shines through as the platform not only funds but also mentors local artists. Today, Haryana boasts a flourishing entertainment industry with numerous production houses and original content. STAGE’s unique approach caught the attention of investors, and in a Series A funding round, they raised ₹40 crore.

Recently Neeraj Chopra came on board as an investor.

STAGE, the world’s pioneer in regional dialect OTT, proudly reveals Olympic Gold Medalist Neeraj Chopra as a new investor. Neeraj’s investment symbolizes a joint commitment to preserving and amplifying Bharat’s diverse cultural heritage found in regional dialects, ushering in a fresh chapter of cultural resurgence through the STAGE platform.

In a strategic alliance, STAGE and Neeraj Chopra aim to redefine boundaries, elevate cultural awareness, and spearhead a revolution in safeguarding and celebrating Bharat’s linguistic diversity.

Vinay’s story is a powerful example of overcoming obstacles and transforming difficulties into chances for growth. The setback of losing WittyFeed wasn’t merely a business setback; it deeply impacted him personally.

This experience taught him the crucial lesson of distinguishing one’s identity from their work.

The triumph of STAGE, highlighted by its success on Shark Tank India, underscores Vinay’s resilience and unwavering determination. His narrative resonates with the notion that, even in the face of losing something valuable, there’s always an opportunity to create something fresh.

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