Prafull Billore

Prafull’s early life was modest, surrounded by the simple dreams of his parents. They envisioned a path for him – completing an MBA to secure a stable, well-paying job.


But Prafull had a different vision for his life. Despite three unsuccessful attempts at the CAT exam for admission to IIM, he found himself uninterested in the formal education system. His journey led him to McDonald’s, where he earned Rs. 300 a day.


In pursuit of his dreams, Prafull joined McDonald’s in Ahmedabad. Rising from housekeeping staff to cashier, he found himself questioning if this was the path to becoming a “big man” after MBA. Unsatisfied with the monotony, he started exploring business opportunities, only to realize the high initial investments required.


Undeterred, Prafull opted for a simple plan – selling tea. To fund his venture, he borrowed Rs. 8,000 from his father, investing it in a small roadside tea shop. Despite not being a tea drinker and lacking knowledge of tea-making, he persisted. The first day was disheartening as not a single cup was sold.


Determined to make his mark, Prafull took a different approach. Fluent in English, he engaged customers in conversation, serving tea in earthenware cups with a slice of toast – a unique twist to the regular tea-seller image. Soon, Prafull became the talk of the town, his tea gaining fame alongside his charming conversations.


However, success came at a price. Threatened and bullied by other tea vendors, Prafull decided to close his stall. Undaunted, he sought permission from a hospital owner and, with the support of local authorities, opened another stall near the hospital, naming it MBA Chaiwala – a playful nod to “Mr. Billore Ahmedabad.”


To deepen customer engagement, Prafull created a small corner for job seekers, providing them a platform to connect with potential employers. His fame expanded through YouTube, and YouTubers further fueled his reach.


Prafull’s journey continued, and after two years of operating in Ahmedabad, he expanded to his first franchise in Bhopal.


Prafull’s commitment to sharing entrepreneurial knowledge led to the creation of the MBA Chaiwala Academy, addressing various facets of business and personal development.


As the story of Prafull Billore unfolds, it’s not just about tea – it’s about creating a community, fostering dreams, and inspiring others to pursue their passions. And so, the tale of this chai entrepreneur continues, with cheers to the future chapters of success and growth.


An exciting chapter unfolded when we were presented with an opportunity. It wasn’t just about witnessing the meteoric rise of a chai entrepreneur; it was about becoming an integral part of his success story. We had the privilege of crafting a custom Point of Sale (POS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system tailored specifically for the unique needs of MBA Chaiwala outlets.

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