Adarsh modi Is Redefining Corporate Gifting with a Splash of Creativity

Adarsh Modi, the visionary entrepreneur behind Joytree Global Pvt Ltd, a thriving corporate gifting company that has been making waves in Central India and beyond for the past five years.


Adarsh’s Journey Begins:


He embarked on his entrepreneurial journey after completing his engineering from LNCT Bhopal. With a background in the power sector as a design engineer, Adarsh soon realized his heart was set on business. Fueled by a passion for unique and creative products, he pursued an MBA in International Business while working. In 2018, he made a bold move to Indore and founded Joytree Global Pvt Ltd.


Spark of Inspiration:


Adarsh’s inspiration to dive into the corporate gifting industry came from his keen observation of the gifting culture in the Pharma industry. Having been part of a family deeply rooted in business, he had always harbored the desire to create something of his own. His earlier ventures included a foray into the Pharma sector and the establishment of a startup for home delivery of medicines, named Medicine Xpress.


Crafting a Unique Gifting Experience:


Joytree Global stands out in the market with its diverse range of corporate gifting options, spanning Employee Joining Kits, Electronic Gadgets, Eco-friendly and Sustainable Gifts, Festival Gifts, Promotional Items, and Customized Boxes. What sets them apart is their commitment to personalized branding, nationwide deliveries, and even international exports to Kuwait and Dubai.


Navigating Challenges with Innovation:


One of the significant challenges in the corporate gifting industry is showcasing products to clients. Adarsh and his team tackled this by introducing a virtual gift store, allowing clients to experience products virtually. Their dedication to innovation was further evident during the pandemic when they pivoted to upgrade their metaverse store, creating India’s first virtual gift store accessible through a mobile application and web version.


Celebrating Milestones & Recognition:


As they mark their fifth year on December 12th, Joytree Global has achieved remarkable milestones. From expanding globally with export orders to launching a franchise model with a metaverse store, they have garnered attention. Their India-first metaverse store even earned them coverage in Dainik Bhaskar. Adarsh himself received accolades for excellence in entrepreneurship from a Member of Parliament and a special award for Women in Business by AI Trillion.


Financial Growth & Future Plans:


Joytree Global, a bootstrapped company to date, boasts a turnover exceeding 1 crore in the last financial year. Looking ahead, Adarsh envisions raising funds to further enhance the metaverse store and extend their global footprint.


Congratulations to Joytree Global and Adarsh Modi for reaching the significant milestone of completing 5 successful years! 


Here’s to many more years of success and growth ahead! 🎉🌟

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