In the vibrant city of Indore, Dr. Vishesh Kasliwal, a young and promising entrepreneur, had a vision to revolutionize healthcare. His startup, Medyseva Technologies Pvt Ltd, aimed to bring reliable, affordable, and accessible healthcare to rural areas.


Before diving into entrepreneurship, Dr. Kasliwal walked the halls of medical institutions, earning his MBBS in Nagpur. His family’s involvement in running hospitals fueled his passion for healing. Later, he pursued a Masters in Hospital Administration in England, combining his medical expertise with administrative skills.


As an Operations Head at Vishesh Hospital, Dr. Kasliwal delved into the intricacies of healthcare. Simultaneously, he contributed to research projects under the Indian Council of Medical Research. The desire to bridge the healthcare gap in rural India began to take shape.


The entrepreneurial bug bit Dr. Kasliwal, leading him to prominent roles like Vice President of iSmart Business Solutions and Director at Arth Rural Connect Services. These experiences honed his skills in creating technology solutions for large plantations and providing banking services in rural areas.


Dr. Kasliwal’s journey took him to Dubai, where he served as the Managing Director Healthcare for ZIO Technologies. However, his heart yearned for a venture that could make a significant impact on rural healthcare in India.


And thus, Medyseva was born.


Recognizing the dire need for quality healthcare in rural India, Dr. Kasliwal, along with his wife, founded Medyseva. Their innovative approach involved establishing clinics in villages equipped with video consultations from qualified doctors.


Medyseva’s model was akin to Uber – immediate connections between doctors and patients without the hassle of waiting. This initiative aimed to make MBBS consultations affordable, with a seamless connection to specialist consultants for super-specialty cases.


Beyond consultations, Medyseva’s impact extended to pathological investigations and vital sign checks through automated devices. The startup collaborated with hospitals and labs, making healthcare more comprehensive.


The reach of Medyseva extended to over 50 villages across states like MP, Assam, UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Orissa. They conducted awareness sessions, touching the lives of over 20,000 patients and educating more than 1 lac students.


Dr. Kasliwal’s vision for Medyseva stretched far and wide. Over the next five years, the startup aimed to be present in over 50,000 villages in India, with plans to expand to Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, Bhutan, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Kenya.


The journey from a medical doctor to an entrepreneur brought new lessons every day. Dr. Kasliwal’s story teaches us that entrepreneurship isn’t just a career shift; it’s a commitment to making a difference. 

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