Amit Jain

Amit Jain’s entrepreneurial journey is a shining example of innovation and dedication in the Insurance Industry and insurance startup scene. Born and raised in Dewas, he embarked on his professional journey after completing a Bachelor’s in Commerce. Initially joining the family business, Amit took charge of sales responsibilities.


With a wealth of experience spanning seven years, Amit has transformed into a leading sales trainer in the insurance sector. At the forefront of his success is the creation of Insure Leads, a groundbreaking mobile app that has redefined lead generation for insurance policies. This startup disrupts the industry by seamlessly connecting clients with insurance providers through its cutting-edge features and user-friendly interface.


Insure Leads, under Amit’s visionary leadership, has emerged as a game-changer in the insurtech landscape. The app’s technological prowess has not only streamlined the lead generation process but has also significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of insurance sales, making it a go-to platform for industry professionals.


Amit’s influence extends beyond the digital landscape. With an impressive subscriber base of 85,000 on YouTube and a substantial following of 10,000 on Facebook, he has leveraged social media to build a robust digital presence that resonates with the insurtech community.


Actively engaging with the insurance fraternity through WhatsApp groups, boasting a membership of 12,000 insurance advisors and team leaders, Amit has created a thriving digital ecosystem around his startup. His educational initiatives have garnered immense success, with over 2,000 students enrolling in his courses, establishing him as a sought-after mentor in the insurtech space.


Amit Jain’s commitment to knowledge dissemination goes beyond the digital realm. Conducting more than 200 offline workshops and organizing 600+ webinars, he has connected with insurance advisors across various cities, contributing to the growth of Insure Leads and the insurtech community at large.


One of the standout achievements in Amit’s startup journey is the recognition received by his students. More than 60 of his mentees have achieved the prestigious MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) award, showcasing the impact of Insure Leads on the professional growth of its users.


In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Amit authored a parenting book titled “Pyaar Bhari Parwarish” in 2019, aimed at helping parents raise their children with love and provide them with the right parenting guidance. Furthermore, he initiated India’s First Money-Back Guarantee Insurance sales course, demonstrating his commitment to innovation and education in the dynamic field of insurtech.


Amit’s startup story is not just about creating a successful startup; it’s about transforming the insurance industry through innovation and education. His journey exemplifies how a combination of traditional values, entrepreneurial acumen, and a commitment to technological advancement can shape success in the dynamic startup landscape of insurtech.

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