SMG Electric Scooters
SMG Electric Scooters

Hoshiarpur, Punjab – Established on October 20, 2020, SMG Electric Scooters Ltd. is rapidly emerging as a leader in the electric mobility sector. As a flagship company of the SMG Group, founded by Saurav Gupta, SMG Electric Scooters Ltd. is dedicated to making electric mobility accessible to every person globally by 2050.

Company Overview

SMG Electric Scooters Ltd., headquartered in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, is an integral part of various notable organizations, including the Canada EV Association, Drive Electric Campaign, and London EV Society. Despite its relatively recent inception, the company has already showcased its innovative products at two regional expos, garnering significant attention.

The Mittal family, holding 100% of the group’s shares, manages SMG Group, which encompasses four companies under its umbrella. With an ambitious vision, SMG Electric Scooters Ltd. is working on projects worth ₹500 crores and aims to achieve a turnover of ₹10,000 crores by 2050. Currently, the company employs 20 dedicated members who are committed to advancing the electric mobility revolution.

Leadership and Vision

Saurav Gupta, born on April 26, 2003, in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, is the driving force behind SMG Electric Scooters Ltd. Despite having a background in a business family, Saurav chose to carve his own path rather than joining the family business. After completing his education at Woodland Overseas School, he ventured into the corporate world, eventually establishing his own successful companies, JPL and Urban-X, in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Under Saurav’s leadership, SMG Electric Scooters Ltd. has experienced exponential growth, with turnover increasing by more than 100 times and profitability by 1.5 times within a year. His dedication and vision have earned him opportunities to share stages with prominent figures such as singer Jordan Sandhu, ITL CEO Dr. Deepak Mittal, yoga guru Ramdev Baba, and WWE wrestler The Great Khali.

Mr. Gupta actively collaborates with the Youth Development Cell, having recently conducted the “Yuvak Samaroh,” an event focused on discussing the future of electric mobility with young minds. His dedication to youth engagement has earned him recognition, with three consecutive interviews by regional news channels highlighting his efforts and vision for the electric vehicle industry.

In addition to youth engagement, Mr. Gupta is deeply involved in social development through the company’s CSR Cell. Under his leadership, SMG Electric Scooters Ltd. has launched various programs aimed at improving community welfare. These include:

  1. Blood Donation Camps: Regularly organized to support local healthcare needs.
  2. Annapurna Scheme: Providing meals to those in need, ensuring no one goes hungry.
  3. Rakht Scheme: Focused on blood donation and awareness, contributing to local blood banks.
  4. Vriksh Association: An initiative dedicated to environmental conservation through tree planting and green activities.

These initiatives not only reflect the company’s commitment to social responsibility but also highlight the significant role of Mr. Saurav Gupta in leading SMG Electric Scooters Ltd. towards a sustainable and inclusive future.

Social Responsibility and Community Engagement

Saurav Gupta is actively involved in various social and professional associations. Recognized as the ‘Best Entrepreneur 2023’ by Aggarwal Sewa Sangh, he has conducted multiple EV awareness programs in Chandigarh, Hoshiarpur, and Jalandhar. Through SMG Electric Scooters Ltd.’s CSR initiatives, the company runs numerous social development programs, including blood donation camps, the Annapurna Scheme, the Rakht Scheme, and the Vriksh Association.

Additionally, SMG Electric Scooters Ltd. focuses on employee development through dedicated programs and emphasizes women’s participation in the EV industry. Saurav has conducted over 10 seminars on the ‘Role of Women in the EV Industry’ and is actively working on various women empowerment programs under the GATI Cell.


Saurav Gupta envisions making India the first country in the world where every citizen has adopted electric mobility and has access to it. With SMG Electric Scooters Ltd. leading the charge, the future of sustainable transportation in India looks promising.

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