Gargee Foods: Empowering Women, Nurturing Communities
Gargee Foods: Empowering Women, Nurturing Communities

Jodhpur, Rajasthan – In the wake of the post-Covid-19 era, Jayant and Manisha Mathur embarked on a remarkable journey to empower women and foster self-reliance through the establishment of ‘Gargee Foods Industries’. With the support of the ‘Sahyog Bharti Foundation, Rajasthan’, this initiative has not only gained popularity in Rajasthan but also in other states, creating a unique identity for its delicious and high-quality products.

Initially, some women, along with them, prepared limited local products such as Mungan Papad, Chana Papad, Mugan Badi, Rabodi, Atta-Meda Khichiya, Panchkuta-Ker, Sangri, Kumthi, Amla Candy, Gal-Senv, Red Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Coriander Powder, garam masala, tea masala, etc., which were then made available in the surrounding areas. Over time, the demand for these products grew, leading to an expansion in both the product range and the number of women involved, which now stands at over 300.

Today, all these products are available on popular online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart, reaching a wider audience and creating more opportunities for women from lower-middle-class families to become self-reliant.

Building on the success of their initial offerings, ‘Gargee Foods’ (The Cloud Kitchen) was

launched to cater to the demand for a variety of dishes, including special Jodhpuri vegetables, Kabuli, Raita, sweets, and more.

These dishes, available both a la carte and as part of meal plates, have been well-received by the residents of Jodhpur.

In addition to their food products, ‘Gargee Royal Fiesta’, another initiative under the Sahyog Bharti Foundation, has also been launched, offering event management services for various occasions. From birthdays to literary conferences, and even entire wedding ceremonies, Gargee Royal Fiesta has been instrumental in organizing memorable events with impeccable service.

The success of Gargee Food Industries can be attributed to its commitment to providing maximum satisfaction at minimum cost. Through these initiatives, they have not only empowered women but also contributed to the socio-economic development of the community.

As Gargee Food Products, Gargee Foods (Cloud Kitchen), and Gargee Royal Fiesta continue to thrive under the Sahyog Bharti Foundation, Jodhpur, they remain open to feedback and suggestions from the community to further enhance their impact and reach.

For more information about Gargee Foods and its initiatives, please reach at or 8239944000

About Sahyog Bharti Foundation:

Sahyog Bharti Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting education, empowerment, and social impact. Through initiatives such as free education programs, vocational training, and community development projects, the foundation strives to create opportunities for individuals to thrive and contribute to positive change in their communities.


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