Back in 2017, Himanshu and Komal Chaturvedi embarked on a bold venture—creating MotionGility, aiming to be India’s go-to explainer video service. Little did they know; this small dream would lead them to be among the world’s top 10 video production companies.

Himanshu, with over 5 years of expertise in animation and design, took the lead as Founder and Director. MotionGility quickly grew from a local player to a global sensation, with offices in the USA, India, and Canada.

Their secret sauce? Making complex ideas simple for brands using top-quality videos without stressing on pocket. This approach earned them the title of India’s No. 1 Explainer Video company and a global reputation.

Adding to this creative force is Komal Chaturvedi, Co-Founder, and CEO. She’s on a mission to make it easy for people to express ideas through captivating Explainer Videos, believing that videos are a brand’s face and an idea’s voice.

Himanshu, in his 8-year journey, not only made MotionGility a global sensation but also started Entrepreneur Roof to tackle startup challenges.

Komal, as Co-Founder and CEO, leads MotionGility’s creative mission. Their journey isn’t just about business; it’s about turning ideas into visual stories and sharing their passion with others.

Today, MotionGility isn’t just a business success; it’s an inspiration for startups. The duo’s story is a testament to the power of creativity, focusing on clients, and making complex things simple. As they aim to be the No. 1 Company globally, Himanshu and Komal’s success story continues, leaving a mark on the canvas of creative entrepreneurship.

In the transformative year of 2017, two visionaries, Himanshu and Komal Chaturvedi, embarked on a daring venture—establishing MotionGility with a shared dream of becoming India’s premier explainer video service. Little did they know that this modest aspiration would catapult them into the esteemed list of the world’s top 10 video production companies.

Himanshu, armed with over 5 years of expertise in animation and design, assumed the pivotal role of Founder and Director. What began as a local endeavor quickly burgeoned into a global sensation, with MotionGility setting up headquarters not just in India but spanning North Wales, USA, and even Canada.

The magic formula that propelled MotionGility to success was the art of simplification—making complex ideas accessible for brands through top-notch videos at economical rates. This approach not only earned them the accolade of India’s No. 1 Explainer Video company but also garnered global recognition.

Complementing this creative powerhouse is Komal Chaturvedi, the Co-Founder, and CEO of MotionGility. Her vision centers around providing creative solutions, making it effortless for individuals to convey ideas through captivating Explainer Videos. For Komal, videos are not just a brand’s face but also the voice of an idea, connecting people with shared interests.

Himanshu’s journey as the Founder & Director, spanning 8 years and 2 months, not only propelled MotionGility to global acclaim but also saw the initiation of Entrepreneur Roof—a platform dedicated to addressing the real problems faced by startups.

Komal, in her role as Co-Founder and CEO, has been the driving force behind MotionGility’s mission to offer creative solutions. Her leadership extends to being the Co-Founder of Entrepreneur Roof and the Director of TheAdVilla—a Digital Marketing and Design Agency.

Their story isn’t just about business success; it’s a narrative of turning ideas into visual stories and sharing their passion with others. Today, MotionGility stands not just as a testament to creative innovation but also as an inspiration for startups navigating the dynamic entrepreneurial landscape. The dynamic duo’s story showcases the power of creativity, client-centric focus, and the commitment to simplifying complexities in the realm of explainer videos.

As they set their sights on becoming the No. 1 Company globally, the narrative of Himanshu and Komal’s success continues to unfold, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of creative entrepreneurship. Their story is a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs, illustrating that even the most ambitious dreams can be achieved through creativity, determination, and a client-centric approach.

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