Transforming Healthcare: Shanil Kothari's Journey from Vision to Impact with ListApp

Shanil Kothari’s journey to success is a narrative woven with entrepreneurial foresight, a commitment to healthcare innovation, and a sincere desire to make a meaningful impact. In 2017, he laid the foundation for ListApp, driven by a clear objective – to equip local pharmacies with technological tools, enabling swift medical assistance. His aspiration extended beyond mere financial gains; it aimed at simplifying business processes for pharmacies.


Shanil’s visionary approach recognized the potential of connecting neighboring pharmacies through ListApp, reshaping the accessibility of healthcare products and services. His emphasis on digital transformation at the grassroots level, particularly within the most remote pharmacy corners in India, reflects a genuine commitment to simplifying lives through technology.


With a background entrenched in mainstream pharma encompassing both retail and manufacturing, Shanil leveraged his wealth of experience to sculpt ListApp. The platform’s achievement of processing an impressive 5,000,000 search requests underscores its substantial impact on India’s pharma ecosystem. Shanil’s acumen into the operational intricacies of pharma businesses, combined with his dedication to continuous learning and refinement, have significantly contributed to ListApp’s success and its pivotal role in effecting positive change.


Shanil’s entrepreneurial journey extends beyond ListApp, evident in his previous roles as the Founder of Meditail Stores and Plexus Biotechnologies. His stint as the Head of Marketing at CIVOM added a layer of expertise, further enriching his versatile skill set.


On the educational front, Shanil holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Entrepreneurship & Management from the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. His Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from Christian Eminent Academy, supplemented by additional studies in Computer Science, reflects his diverse academic background.


Shanil Kothari’s narrative of success is more than just a tale of building a thriving business; it’s a narrative of leveraging technology to elevate the healthcare experience for both providers and consumers. His dedication to simplicity, coupled with a genuine concern for the well-being of individuals, defines the transformative impact ListApp is making under his leadership. As he continues to navigate the dynamic healthcare landscape, Shanil’s journey exemplifies how a vision centered on positive change can reshape industries and enhance lives.


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