Journey to Clean and Healthy Dairy at Shwet Farms

Moo-ving Forward: Aarti Shah’s Journey to Clean and Healthy Dairy at Shwet Farms

Aarti Shah noticed something about the milk she was drinking—it wasn’t clear where it came from or how it was made. This got her thinking about providing a healthier option for her community.

In 2016, Aarti decided to dig deeper into the milk supply chain. She went on a journey to farms across the country to see how cows were treated and how milking was done. What she found shocked her—milk often had impurities and wasn’t as clean as it seemed.

Determined to make a change, Aarti teamed up with a knowledgeable veterinarian who had experience in modern dairying. Together, they founded Shwet Farms with a mission to create a better, cleaner way of producing milk.

Shwet Farms became central India’s only fully automated dairy farm, spread across 20 acres of land. They took care of their cows and used advanced technology to ensure hygiene and quality.

Instead of just keeping the good milk for themselves, Aarti and her team started a subscription service. Over 700 families in Indore now receive farm-fresh, single-origin milk and other products from Shwet Farms.

The journey wasn’t easy. Aarti faced pressure to make quick profits, but she stuck to her principles. Shwet Farms became known for its commitment to quality and integrity.

Shwet Farms is celebrated not only in Indore but around the world. Aarti’s simple idea of wanting cleaner, healthier milk has grown into a success story that inspires many.

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