Binod Kumar Transforming IT Staffing Game with TrueFirms

Hey there, meet Binod Kumar, the brains behind TrueFirms, a game-changer in the IT Staff Augmentation world. Binod isn’t your typical entrepreneur – he’s a tech whiz with a knack for connecting businesses with the right IT talents.


Right now, he’s the head honcho at, a place where 28,000+ companies (yes, even the big shots) find the perfect IT professionals. It’s like a dating app but for businesses and tech talents, and Binod’s the matchmaker.


But hold on, there’s more. Binod’s got a bunch of successful companies in his pocket. There’s SoftGetix, a software powerhouse; DiabeticKart, your go-to spot for diabetic stuff; and, a tech system for building fences. Talk about a tech whiz!


Now, let’s talk school stuff. Binod didn’t just jump into business blindly. Nope, he got an MBA in Marketing Management from ICFAI University Dehradun. Smart move, right? This guy knows marketing and management like a pro.


And guess what? Binod’s not just doing great in business; he’s getting awards too. He grabbed the Indore Gaurav Award 2023 and the eRoof Business Excellence Award 2023. Yep, he’s got the trophies to show he’s a champ in innovation and excellence.


Binod’s not flying solo in the business world. He’s part of cool clubs like the Indore Management Association and TIE Madhya Pradesh, where he’s all about making the software world awesome.


But it doesn’t stop there. Binod’s also part of the EntreprenuearRoof Community in Indore. Here, he’s not just a business guy; he’s a mentor, a partner, and a game-changer in the startup world.


And when Binod’s not busy ruling the business world, he’s on stage, sharing his wisdom at tech events. Yep, he’s the guy with the mic, spreading his tech knowledge with the world.


Now, about TrueFirms – it’s Binod’s brainchild. It’s not just a platform; it’s the ultimate matchmaker for businesses and service providers. Through magic with AI and data, TrueFirms helps you find the perfect IT Talent for your needs.


So, there you have it – Binod Kumar’s success story. A tech guru, an awesome entrepreneur, and the man behind TrueFirms, making big waves in the business world.

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