Rakshita Mehta
Rakshita Mehta

Meet Rakshita Mehta, a 26-year-old small-town girl with a passion for baking that led her to create her own venture, “Cooks N Crafts,” an Eggless Baking Studio.


Back in 2012, when Rakshita was searching for an eggless baking academy, she found none. Determined to pursue her love for baking, she decided to start her own baking studio. She reflects on her initial days as an engineering student, realizing that the conventional 9-to-5 office life wasn’t for her. “It felt like a race, and I didn’t want to spend my life waiting for weekends,” she recalls.


Her journey into the world of baking began during a vacation in Pune, where she learned how to make chocolates from a home baker. Despite being a computer science engineering student, her dad was skeptical about her interest in cooking and baking. He’d often say, “Why shift from engineering to become a chef?”


Undeterred by the lack of family support and funding, Rakshita forged ahead. She used her pocket money to buy supplies for chocolate making, even searching for shops that stocked the necessary items. In 2012, homemade chocolate wasn’t as popular in her 2-tier city.


By the second year of engineering in 2013, Rakshita had started a small business making chocolates. As word spread, people began to appreciate her creations, leading to a growing number of orders. Soon, women approached her, eager to learn the art of chocolate making. Rakshita found joy in teaching and witnessing the satisfaction on her students’ faces.


This marked a turning point for her. Realizing her passion for teaching, Rakshita decided to transition from fulfilling orders to making baking her full-time profession. In 2015, she proudly launched her first eggless baking workshop for aspiring bakers.


Fast forward to today, and Rakshita’s students, particularly women, have not only learned the art of baking but have also become successful entrepreneurs. “It’s immensely satisfying to see them grow,” she says with pride.


Through her journey, Rakshita learned a valuable lesson – there’s no age limit to learning. She encounters women in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s who share the same zeal for starting their baking ventures. It’s not just about money; it’s about independence and being someone for themselves.


Rakshita concludes, “That’s how I started living the life I loved.” Her story is an inspiring testament to following one’s passion, overcoming obstacles, and empowering others along the way.


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